Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA – Building Rest CRUD API example

In this tutorial, we’re gonna build a Spring Boot Rest CRUD API example that use Spring Data JPA to interact with MySQL/PostgreSQL database. You’ll know:

  • How to configure Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate to work with Database
  • How to define Data Models and Repository interfaces
  • Way to create Spring Rest Controller to process HTTP requests
  • Way to use Spring Data JPA to interact with PostgreSQL/MySQL Database

More Practice:
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Spring Boot + Vue.js example: Build a CRUD App

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Build Node.js Rest APIs with Express & MySQL

Express is one of the most popular web frameworks for Node.js that supports routing, middleware, view system… This tutorial will guide you through the steps of building Node.js Restful CRUD API using Express and interacting with MySQL database.

Before reading the tutorial, please install MySQL in your machine. The installation instructions can be found at Official MySQL installation manual.

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