About Us

Welcome to the BezKoder blog.

We are passionate engineer in software development, especially mobile & cross-platform application. We do love sharing knowledge by writing blogs & tutorials everyday.

In the field of computer science, BezKoder.com is built for specific goal: programming languages & technique for web/mobile/cross-platform application development. At this site, we’re gonna write many tutorials about Spring, Dart/Flutter, Kotlin/Java Android along with Vue, Angular. We see this work as a day-to-day job, a way to broaden knowledge and help people.

The Team

Thinh Nguyen,

Thinh Nguyen is a passionate student who creates BezKoder for helping others save their time and improve their careers. He desires to write many things about programming, also what he has learned.

He will try his best to make BezKoder great and popular all over the world.

How to contact us?
There are 2 ways to send a message to us: